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to people who are PISSING me off

KASSI- stop fucking telling krystle what to do your sounding like lacie "break up with dave" "break up with dave" why dont you just live your own fucking loser life fucking pissing me off, go fuck a bunch of guys in an orgy and get aids and die stupid ass bitch.

AARON- your making me mad because you know krystle likes me a shit load and it seems to me like your urging her to break up with me, even though shes told you she likes me, all i ask is you please stop bugging her about it and everything will be cool, i've benn with her for over a year and i've become very attached to her and if i lost her i wouldnt know what to do. i would be very lost, so please stop bugging her.

just stating my mind, just seems like everything was great untill people start pissing me off by trying to take away the person i love and addore.

This girl i went out with before krystle i went out with her for 5 days and she broke up with me and i felt like shit for a whole week, i get attached to people fast, dont even want to think about losing krystle when weve been going out for such a long time.

KRYSTLE- no one can compare to how much i love you, your the most important thing in my life, it feels like nothing else matter to me, you make my life complete and perfect in everyway. we never get into arguments we never have problems involving us 2, its like everything is great. we are like the perfect couple. its like everytime someone or something tries to break us up we always seem to not let it get in our way we just keep on being together :) i love you krystle king with all my heart :)
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