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today was a good day till later

today me krystle and her mom went to the women show and had lots of fun walking around looking at lots of cool stuff, FOOD, COFFEE, and many more stuff :) was quite cool, glad i went :) afterwards me and krystle went to my house and slept for like 30-40 min :P was fun anyways because i was with her :) SLEEP is great :) especially when its with someone you love :) but after she left she got another e-mail from aaron and she was sad which makes me mad because i dont like to see her feeling sad because i love her sooo much :) but around 114 she felt better and i feel much better sence i got all my anger out in the last entry i made well i think thats it for today so far even though im still talking with krystle which means the day isnt over yet :) well bye
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